I couldn’t sleep: an ASMR!

To those who love to listen to weird noises that make the back of your spine tingle, well i made a vlog about it and then I ruined it. Hey! You know you can say hello at the comment box below right? enjoy Love and warm sunsets, Meagan Trees https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6mLdv4DH-0&feature=youtu.be  


I made a montage of my life in Dumaguete

Hi. It's me. I go to the beach a lot when home and not because i wanna me an #islandgirl, but because i was born one, i grew up in one, and so i became one, sunkissed baby. If i could turn into an octopus i would. It's probably tough to live under the sea… Continue reading I made a montage of my life in Dumaguete

Is it an album? Is it an EP? Is it another single? Idk but i’m recording!

It's the time of the year again, where decisions have to be made and songs have to be born to the world. I wish it was honestly easy as how I hear it in documentaries and these great musicians saying  "oh I dreamt of this song, so I went to the studio and recorded it,… Continue reading Is it an album? Is it an EP? Is it another single? Idk but i’m recording!

My first Orange and Lemons Gig! Wait, what… they’re back?

Yeap, that's right. After a decade, they're back to murder your feelings... and mine too, actually. I wouldn't consider myself a die hard O&L fan, 'cause let's face it, I'm technically too young to be one, though in a way, I am. But hey, I've peeped a little during their glory days back when i… Continue reading My first Orange and Lemons Gig! Wait, what… they’re back?

Jam 88.3 Radio Guesting

After the TV Guesting at NET25, Antonette and I headed to headed to Ortigas for a radio guesting on Jam 88.3 for their Fresh Filter segment. Glad I made it to one of Ross’ show before he bids farewell to the Jam family! We had a lovely exchange of conversation. We talked about musical influences,… Continue reading Jam 88.3 Radio Guesting

Baby Steps: Recording My Debut Single Haven!

I spent the first week of my last 2016 Christmas in Manila. The smog welcomed me first, then the traffic. I liked it, too much of small-town-island-vibes I took for granted, I needed a pinch of chaos to remind me of what I was missing back home. And so I went on a journey to… Continue reading Baby Steps: Recording My Debut Single Haven!