I made a montage of my life in Dumaguete

Hi. It’s me.

I go to the beach a lot when home and not because i wanna me an #islandgirl, but because i was born one, i grew up in one, and so i became one, sunkissed baby. If i could turn into an octopus i would. It’s probably tough to live under the sea with all these things that aren’t meant to be down there, but i think i would be a happy octo trying to scare everyone from behind, i mean, my camouflage powers will be super awesome.

If and when i can, i always carry a mesh bag and a mask and snorkel with me. I say hi to my fish friends and i take out things that do not belong. I also love to find sea glass. I think they’re pretty. I don’t take home shells will me though, you shouldn’t! The hermit crabs need their homes! Also sand, that’s a no no,

I have my friends there too. I appreciate them so much. They inspire me to be better and i, well i’m just there when they need me, a call away. Our nights consist of board games, occasional drinking and freestyle music. And sometimes, when it gets serious, we debate on the ‘randomest’ of things.

My family is there too. I spend time with them on the weekends. I play with my cat Ba everyday and i give him tight hugs that he mostly wants to get out of. My pet gecko Lucy is with my best friend Jack, since i’m still away. Home is fun. I’ll maybe talk more about it on the next video.


Love and warm sunsets,
Meagan Trees


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