Hey everybody! I’m proud to announce that I have made my first ever Christmas song. I hope you like it as much as I have enjoyed writing this piece. This song is about missing someone on Christmas day and wishing they were there to celebrate it with you. For my single ladies and gents, which I was too when I wrote this song, this song is for wishing we find love soon and hoping someday we can celebrate it with someone.


Animation by Saryenka
This lyric video is conceptualized by my partner and how he imagined Blue for Christmas to be.

Summer of 2015. It was gloomy, something you wouldn’t really expect in a normal day in this town. I gracefully sip on my cup of coffee. I don’t know, i don’t normally drink coffee, but this time i did, i just wanted to feel something. A rush of adrenaline to start my day.
I remember i was with my brother on that fine afternoon. It was nothing but a usual update of what-music-have-you-listened-to-today and the have-you-written-anything-today conversation and we brought a thought we pondered for so long of how it would feel like to perform with the people we admired in the music scene. And last January, i was lucky enough to share it with them. Hence, my first every launch in Manila.
I was surrounded with so much good energy that night that i burst down in tears in the middle of a conversation.
Here are snapshots of what happened on the 23rd of January!!! Enjoy!

To more good music and happiness, cheers. x
Meagan Trees

March was the highlight of my year or maybe it’s yet the highlight. I was blessed with so many activities, but most importantly, I met beautiful souls that made the experience more colorful than it already is. Dear reader, trust the timing of your life, whatever situation you are in right now, always be braver, and enjoy it while it lasts. Your dreams are waiting for you, please take the time to water yourself.

March 13, I had the privilege to do a live TV guesting at Net 25 for their noon time show Music & Letters. I played my own version of Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol and I played my debut single Haven. I talked a little about my music and myself, and answered to fan mails – very new for me but exciting, a little intimidating at first but warms you up easily. After the show, I did a quick guesting on their radio program with VJ Chad, this bubbly lady whom I enjoyed speaking Cebuano with! I played my favorite The Beatles song “Across The Universe” and of course, I sang Haven.

If you want to watch my awkward self, here’s the full video of my interview!


I also performed my debut single Haven on air!


And i sang my version of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars!


Photos by Antonette Maniquis

Hello to all my friends in Dumaguete and Bais City! You are all invited to a music gathering to celebrate the release of my debut single HAVEN, available digitally on the same date worldwide under Lilystars Records.

E-poster design by The Jibes. Photography by Miles Brandon. Logo by Anna Lacson

Joining me on stage are the following singer-songwriters:
• Chelsea Dawn
• Friluen
• Yona
• Marco Montesa

This will be happening at the roofdeck of Harold’s Mansion from 7:30 PM onwards. Entrance is P200 inclusive of 1 Beer/Drink and a FREE high quality MP3 of “Haven.”

Buy tickets online at http://meagantrees.eventbrite.com/ to instantly receive a copy of my single. For reservations, ticket meet-up and inquiry contact 09274650322 | 09166472917. Limited capacity only!

RSVP to the FB event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/720497924794723/

What? “I’m a recording artist?” The exact same lines I said while facing a tall shabby mirror. Don’t get me wrong, but life a year ago was way different than how things are now. Let me give you a back story. So I’m literally one of the small town girls, small dreams, short term goals, and the like. Started going to college, got a science course, Biology for that matter, because who doesn’t love nature? I’m guessing you’re already assuming that I’ll be proceeding to medicine once I’m done – Gotcha. That was the original plan.

For me, music is more than listening, it’s an intangible feeling that makes or breaks you. It transmits a hue of emotions that carry this ball of energy that gives you an animate vibe. While singing is more than expressing, it is a way of feeling without any physical interaction, a never ending routine but not irksome, an addicting habit but not harmful. In my younger years, my Dad introduced me and my brother to a guitar teacher. I remember the first time I held one, the leftie in me, of course, tried to hold it my way. Endless complaints of how my fingers hurt, strumming and strumming until pain was the last thing I felt. But, once you get the hang of it, you can’t stop – you-just-can’t. One of the first songs I learned was “Blackbird” from The Beatles and guess what, I just knew it was from them when I started listening and becoming an official Beatle freak. But it only lasted for a week, then we got another teacher, and surprise, I guess it lasted for approximately for 4 sessions, pretty much 4 days. Growing up, I was pretty much hooked up with my guitar and playing outdoors until I get my bones broken. To sum it up, I relied so much in YouTube.

I started performing in school events back in Elementary and High school. And in my later years In College, I discovered the beauty of gigs and bars and musician friends. One night of sometime around November, I went to a local bar alone, to unwind from school and clear up my head. While enjoying myself with a beer on hand, I was minding my own business and enjoying the performer on stage. It was a queer night, I exactly remember that it was a Thursday and it was one of my friends who usually play. I saw a poster and got curious so I came nearer. It said “Dragonfly Collector”. The Biologist in me thought there was an exhibit of different kinds of Dragonfly species, I was excited that I’ll finally get to see one. But then again, what would a Dragonfly Collector be doing in a bar? Little did I know it was better than a collection of dragonflies, it was a collection of beautiful songs! I met him and Ian Penn, an indie folk singer songwriter from Pampanga.

Through Clem, I got acquainted with Lilystars Records and I tried sending my demos. These songs were one of my first compositions on the ukulele and I also used them to audition for BellTower Project, a local organization in Dumaguete that helps young artists grow in the music scene. My songs didn’t make it to to BellTower, nor to Lilystars at that time, but they both encouraged me to write more. Still, I sent demos to Lilystars until they found a promising one, discussed it, agreed on terms, and got the privilege to work with them.

I found the last missing puzzle piece of my life, and it is to believe that dreams will come true if you work hard enough. Failure is inevitable, but as long as you remain calm, focused, and determined, you can achieve anything. My next mission, is to make more “roadtrip” music and inject smiles to the listeners. Sprinkle life with some positivity dust!

The wonderful things you unconsciously attract. I have only dreamt to play in a bar back home, that’s the simplest form I could be in my entire existence. What on earth would I be doing in Manila anyway? But then again, why not? Could the butterfly effect be a real thing?

When I heard about the news, I could never believe I can get this far. I was invited to front act for The Camerawalls for The Pop Shoppe event in Manila at 70s Bistro in Quezon City last December 10, 2016. In the back of my head, was I ready for something this big? Well, for me it was, I never tried performing outside of my comfort zone and never thought I can. Anyway, while I was in Manila for a week, I was also recording my first single and guess what? I also got my dream guitar on the same day! Lucky, if I think about it! I used to borrow a friend’s guitar for the past couple of months, since I didn’t have one for the longest time.

Meagan Trees @ 70s Bistro
Photo by Eddie Boy Escudero

Nervous and agitated, I went on stage and did my best to perform in an unfamiliar crowd. I was the only solo performer that night, and to my surprise, they were very responsive and observant, not the normal crowd I usually get to play with. I had good feedback to my performance and I met new people along the way. I enjoyed the other front act’s performances and especially the main act’s performance. They were singing their hearts out and they were just enjoying what they’re doing!

The passion that I saw that night was unfathomable. I felt the deepest connection and I think that’s the best thing you can impart to your listeners – how you feel about your music and how you genuinely share it.

Meagen Trees / The POP Shoppe
Photo by Eddie Boy Escudero