Take Me Away gets featured on Rappler and Lilystars Records

Screenshot taken from Rappler Click here for the full article Screenshot taken from Lilystars Records click here for the full article Listen on spotify here https://open.spotify.com/track/7BKZIL9AtjfDM1W74trb7p?si=JmFsuvO8RoOL0uriZZESNQ https://twitter.com/meagantrees follow me on instagram https://www.instagram.com/meagantrees/


“Haven” Single Launch Party

Hello to all my friends in Dumaguete and Bais City! You are all invited to a music gathering to celebrate the release of my debut single HAVEN, available digitally on the same date worldwide under Lilystars Records. Joining me on stage are the following singer-songwriters: • Chelsea Dawn • Friluen • Yona • Marco Montesa … Continue reading “Haven” Single Launch Party

Being Part Of Lilystars Records

What? “I’m a recording artist?” The exact same lines I said while facing a tall shabby mirror. Don’t get me wrong, but life a year ago was way different than how things are now. Let me give you a back story. So I’m literally one of the small town girls, small dreams, short term goals, … Continue reading Being Part Of Lilystars Records

Charting Unfamiliar Horizons: The POP Shoppe Experience

The wonderful things you unconsciously attract. I have only dreamt to play in a bar back home, that’s the simplest form I could be in my entire existence. What on earth would I be doing in Manila anyway? But then again, why not? Could the butterfly effect be a real thing? Read more...