Tangerine Skies Single Launch

Summer of 2015. It was gloomy, something you wouldn’t really expect in a normal day in this town. I gracefully sip on my cup of coffee. I don’t know, i don’t normally drink coffee, but this time i did, i just wanted to feel something. A rush of adrenaline to start my day.
I remember i was with my brother on that fine afternoon. It was nothing but a usual update of what-music-have-you-listened-to-today and the have-you-written-anything-today conversation and we brought a thought we pondered for so long of how it would feel like to perform with the people we admired in the music scene. And last January, i was lucky enough to share it with them. Hence, my first every launch in Manila.
I was surrounded with so much good energy that night that i burst down in tears in the middle of a conversation.
Here are snapshots of what happened on the 23rd of January!!! Enjoy!
To more good music and happiness, cheers. x
Meagan Trees

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