Charting Unfamiliar Horizons: The POP Shoppe Experience

The wonderful things you unconsciously attract. I have only dreamt to play in a bar back home, that’s the simplest form I could be in my entire existence. What on earth would I be doing in Manila anyway? But then again, why not? Could the butterfly effect be a real thing?

When I heard about the news, I could never believe I can get this far. I was invited to front act for The Camerawalls for The Pop Shoppe event in Manila at 70s Bistro in Quezon City last December 10, 2016. In the back of my head, was I ready for something this big? Well, for me it was, I never tried performing outside of my comfort zone and never thought I can. Anyway, while I was in Manila for a week, I was also recording my first single and guess what? I also got my dream guitar on the same day! Lucky, if I think about it! I used to borrow a friend’s guitar for the past couple of months, since I didn’t have one for the longest time.

Meagan Trees @ 70s Bistro
Photo by Eddie Boy Escudero

Nervous and agitated, I went on stage and did my best to perform in an unfamiliar crowd. I was the only solo performer that night, and to my surprise, they were very responsive and observant, not the normal crowd I usually get to play with. I had good feedback to my performance and I met new people along the way. I enjoyed the other front act’s performances and especially the main act’s performance. They were singing their hearts out and they were just enjoying what they’re doing!

The passion that I saw that night was unfathomable. I felt the deepest connection and I think that’s the best thing you can impart to your listeners – how you feel about your music and how you genuinely share it.

Meagen Trees / The POP Shoppe
Photo by Eddie Boy Escudero

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